A Storefront Conversation

Last night I encountered a lively gent in front of my friendly neighborhood supermarket. The chap was selling portrait packages. “Eight photos for $10, giiiiirl!!”

I had that brief moment of dread as I approached the store. This is not going to be a saleman to whom I can politely decline interest and leave.

I was right.

Guy: “Hey, I know you want some pictures made. Look at these babies. These families. You can get you family some pictures!”

Me: “No, but thank you.”

“Aw, you got no kids?”
“You got a husband? You can pose with your husband.”
“No, I don’t have a husband.”
“Hey, you can do a diva shot, you know? You got a sweetheart on the side? Maybe you two can do a few poses.”

[At this point he showed me what poses might look like.]

“Oh my goodness.”
“No sweetie on the side? Maybe we can do some pics.”

[I think my eyes grew a little wide here with incredulity.]

“I really need to get my groceries.”

I think we’re all getting just a little too comfortable with each other these days…

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