The $70 Wastebasket & Other Musings

  • $70 is an outrageous price for a bathroom wastebasket. Yet, that’s exactly what I’ve seen some going for. It’s fine to pay that for a living room statue whose “conversation starter” essence consists of “I bought it at Pier 1”. Not for a bathroom wastebasket. At best, it receives Q-tips you used for eye cream. At worst, …
  • I’m annoyed with people who drive as though they are in a hurry. Maybe you should leave home earlier.
  • I love when matchmakers try to assure you of their successes. I always assume the person has failures they selectively forget to mention.
  • It’s hard to find a modest Halloween costume that isn’t a traditional ghost or something basic & frumpy. I’m a little self-conscious about visible cleavage. I just assume any comments made to me by men while engaging in public displays of chest-fection are purely out of wanting to see more.
  • I thought leggings were temporary. They just seem to be getting weirder. You probably want to avoid Zanesville, OH, while wearing your animal print leggings.
  • I assume they added proper signage in Albuquerque. Haven’t heard much from Bugs Bunny regarding that pesky left turn lately.
  • One day I’m going to DJ at a club & I’m going to play sexy rock songs. Like


  • I chatted with a few tweeps yesterday about men in suits. I’m 90% sure I’d do anything a guy in a suit, playing with a dog, asked me to do. Cat? I’d exit, stage left, faster than Snagglepuss.

‘Tis all for now.

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