A Portrait of the Blogger As a Baby

Last night I tweeted about something I wrote in my baby book at the age of 6(ish). Then I found something interesting in said baby book…a note mi madre wrote about me when I was five months old.

You see lots of pictures of yourself at early ages, but sometimes it’s hard to really get perspective on your young personality.

Here’s what is in the book:

Christine is very smart, pretty, and lively. She knows when I’m getting ready to eat (she starts crying when I sit down to eat). I hope she learns soon when not to cry. She loves to be held, played with, and talked to. When Christine had gotten upset once, we couldn’t get her to settle down. So we took her for a ride. Christine loves to ride in a car.

The times that she had gotten shots, she took them with just one little scream and not a single cry. Dr. Gieske says she is a very good baby. I hope she stays good, although she does have her days (or, should I say, her early mornings). Her first Christmas was a happy occasion for me, but I don’t think she was quite old enough to understand. Hopefully Christmas 1986 will be a lot better.

Other things of note: I described kindergarten as “boring” and I spent my 7th birthday “helping Ashley stay away from the boys”. Ah, youth.

(I still love car rides, by the way.)

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