Pictures I Love

I’ve spent a lot of time voluntarily watching my life pass before my eyes. So far as I know, I haven’t died yet. I’ll let you know if that changes.

Some pictures have a way of transporting you back to those moments. I pulled a few of those to share. Most are pretty old because, well, I just haven’t been documenting my life very well these days.

We used to spend nights in Clemson, playing old school Nintendo & shooting the breeze. Those were always fun nights.

Gosh, that was a hot day. A brutally hot day.

Wasn't too long after my car accident. I hated the crutches. Everyone else seemed to have a good time with them, though.

Game night in Charlotte. There's never a bad time to play board games. In this case, Pictionary.

A friend and me, speed dating. Imagine meeting every dating stereotype in one sitting. That's exactly how it went. Fun times, though!

Precinct walking in rural Virginia for now-Gov. Bob McDonnell. It was quite a walk from one house to the next...

2009 SCGOP Convention. This was one of my first political experiences. I was a delegate from Laurens County.

Nikki Haley rally in downtown Greenville, the Saturday before the runoff. I was so excited we had so many show up on such short notice. It was a testament to our hard work.

A bunch of co-workers and I went to support a fellow co-worker and his band. We had such a great time that night!

Scratch-made cinnamon rolls. I love cooking & baking, and I tend to prefer things that take patience to make. I guess I get more satisfaction out of it.

Debate trip to the National Tournament in 2001 in Oklahoma City. We had no TVs but had a blast anyway.

Just some tidbits from a great life.

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