Life’s Awesome Moments

Neil Pasricha wrote what sounds like a spiffy book, The Book of (Even More) Awesome. In it, he writes about the little (and big) things in life that make life great.

I started thinking about little moments of awesome in my life. I’d encourage everyone to pause for a second to appreciate the small things.

I love…

  • the sound of crackling leaves, as the author mentioned
  • the feel of the Sun on my face as I step outside
  • compliments when I’m having a bad day
  • warm chocolate chip cookies
  • curling up under the covers on a chilly evening
  • the sound of the ocean in the morning
  • the end of a highly productive day
  • looking at old pictures
  • catching up with an old friend without skipping a beat
  • listening to others talk about things they love
  • an amazing Italian dish
  • laying on the ground in the park and listening to nature
  • puppies
  • the fun times you never forget
  • a song you love comes on and you roll the windows down & turn it up

I’m sure there are plenty more little moments of awesome in this world. I wonder what things others find awesome…

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