On Being Multiracial, Part II

CNN recently featured a story about a multiracial family and the change in society’s views on the issue.

I have discussed this topic on the blog in the past, and I believe the CNN story addresses even more of the intricacies of being multiracial.

As a child, it was all very confusing. I rarely, if ever, saw another child like me. When filling out demographic information, there wasn’t a “multiracial” or “other” option in most cases. This meant having to unwillingly prioritize one race over another.

There were times I wished I could have been a simpler person, i.e., one race.

As I grow older, I’ve grown to embrace it all. I like that I look different from a lot of people. I’ve seen more multiracial children in recent years than ever before.

Isn’t it about time we stopped caring what people look like? It doesn’t matter what a person “is”. Everyone is just a person. Love should know no color. Friendship should know no color.

Sometimes I think people believe being multiracial means behaviors are reflective of a certain “side” over another. I don’t think of myself as two defined streaks of paint; rather, I am a blend of paint. We all are, really. When you’re too busy classifying behavior you miss the person.

And that’s all we are. Just people sharing the same planet.

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