30-Day Song Challenge, Day 1

I’ve decided it’s time for my periodic dive into popular thingamajigs. Enter “30-Day Song Challenge”.

It may blow your mind to know it’s exactly as it sounds. Each day you pick a song that addresses that day’s topic. You can Google it; plenty of sites have the full list o’ days.

(That apostrophe was all kinds of pointless, seeing as it doesn’t replace enough characters to make it worthy. Whatevs.)

Day 1: What is your favorite song?

My actual favorite song is “Loveinessence” by Duke Ellington, but that’s a pretty hard song to find anywhere. I had to buy the “Member’s Edition” album on Amazon just to get it. It’s a smooth jazz tune.

My second favorite song is viewable. “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. I don’t have a legit reason for liking this song. I think I’m just a person who has actually been 25 since the ’80s.

Up tomorrow: Least Favorite Song

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