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On Modern Dating

Yahoo! Shine & Maxim partnered on a new survey on modern dating. It isn’t a perfect survey (I take issue with the sample), but it yielded some interesting results.

  • 10% of married respondents said they were on the market. Um, no. No you are not. If you are married you are far from “on the market”. You are three towns over in an forest. In other words, not visible to the dating populace.
  • 25% use social media to facilitate dating. Facilitate it…is there an app for that yet? Seems like there should be an app for asking people for dates.
  • 40% judge you by what is on your online profiles. Then I am a terribly boring nerd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • 24% admit to snooping in their partners’ e-mail, phone, and/or social media accounts. That’s annoying. If you cannot trust your partner, you should not be with him or her.
  • 84% said personality was the most important criteria when dating. Others: 69% said brains, 65% hobbies/interests, 60% looks. Not as much love for the brains, eh?
  • 55% of women said chivalry is not important. Some ladies may kill me for this…I agree with the statement. I am capable of opening my own door. I’m not going to blacklist a guy for not doing it. I’m also not likely to make a special note if he does. It’s just not a factor either way to me.
  • Men spend around $80 on a date. Women spend around $40. That’s a little imbalanced.
  • Women don’t like flowers on a first date. I think some girls definitely still like the gesture. Not me so much. But some girls.
  • Women said an activity makes a perfect date. Men said dinner and drinks make a perfect date. I think each has its place. Dinner and drinks can be fine, but activities are often more memorable.
  • 39% of women said it’s a turn-on when men list “video games” as an interest. Eh…that’s tricky. I wouldn’t say it’s a turn-on. It’s cool that a guy takes an interest in something, but it depends on how intense that interest is. I like when people talk about things they like to do. Cool that you have an interest, but it isn’t necessarily a turn-on to me.

On Modern Men

Glamour recently released a survey of 1,000 men. Here are some highlights:

  • “When it comes right down to it, you’d say you’re:
    A boob guy (36%)
    a butt guy (33%)
    a face guy (21%)
    a leg guy (10%)
    I guess that’s reassuring to big-chested, chunky-legged girls?
  • Would you take a male birth control pill?
    Yes (46%)
    No (54%)
    A lot closer than I expected. I was thinking 20/80.
  • If you were a woman, would you date you?
    Yes (79%)
    No (21%)

    Poor 21%.
  • Would you rather marry a woman who’s:
    20 years older (44%)
    20 pounds heavier (56%) than you?

    Rest assured ladies. If he leaves you, it’ll be for your overweight sister, not your mother.
  • Whose life would you most like to be living?
    Mark Zuckerberg (32%)
    Jay-Z (27%)
    Roger Federer (16%)
    Barack Obama (13%)
    The Situation (8%)
    Justin Bieber (4%)

    I hope that 4% is doing it for the girl attention and not the prepubescent annoying hair thing.
  • When you’re with a woman for the first time, do you worry more about…
    Her getting pregnant (69%)
    Her getting clingy (31%)

    This one cracks me up. Like the guy had to think, “Am I more worried about a kid or incessant phone calls?…”
  • Do you secretly want to sleep with most of your female friends?
    Yes (56%)
    No (44%)

    That means there’s roughly a 50/50 chance your guy friend wants you. But you could also fall under the “not most” part of that…
  • Which scares you more?
    The threat of tsunamis, tornadoes, or terrorism (61%)
    The threat of going bald (39%)

    Really, gents? Really? I guess you’re thinking you’re more likely to die from the triple Ts. But you’re less likely to see those things. Whatevs.
  • Whom would you rather be trapped in an elevator with?
    A Playboy Playmate (74%)
    An elevator repair technician (26%)

    I wonder if this gives insight into personality. You’d think a pragmatic, ambitious guy would want the tech so the tech could fix the elevator and guy would be on his way.
  • The hottest woman at a party invites you home with herm at the front door, she mentions she has bed bugs. You:
    Get out of there ASAP (43%)
    Throw caution to the wind–bug bites are temporary (57%)

    Maybe the bites are temporary, but you might carry those critters home with you. I say you tell her you forgot about an early appointment in the morning and peace out.
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