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On the New Sanford Pics

Yesterday some photos were released showing former SC governor Mark Sanford in South America with his former mistress/current girlfriend. Who cares what private citizen Sanford does? People, seriously. Form whatever opinion you want to form about him; these photos are … Continue reading

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Survey Says…

Agree? Disagree? Read on… On Modern Dating Yahoo! Shine & Maxim partnered on a new survey on modern dating. It isn’t a perfect survey (I take issue with the sample), but it yielded some interesting results. 10% of married respondents … Continue reading

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Giffords, Gabor, and the Evolution of Privacy

There used to be a time when things were private. Family dramas were kept in the family. Medical issues were not discussed. All of our trivial thoughts were only internal. Along the long and winding path of history, things changed. … Continue reading

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