Happy Continuity’s Day!

I’m not one for resolutions.My goal, I guess, for each year is just to continue taking it all in stride. Seems like 90% of things about which people make a big deal are really not a big deal at all.

I plan to continue this outlook in the new year.

I had considered a “say yes to every date invite” resolution, but I quickly dropped that idea. Besides the fact it might affect the happiness I seek (I mean, have you seen some of the prospects out there?), I also will not leave myself open for sabotage. I saw that glint in people’s eyes…”I’ll send the riffiest of riff-raff to her and she’ll have to say yes”.


But I will try to play nicer with the unfairer sex.

(Women are the fair sex, right? Where does that leave men?)

This will probably require turning a deaf ear to rampant colloquialisms and general bad speech-ery*. My biggest turnoff in any conversation offline.

Long sigh.

(Still sighing)

(Yep, still sighing)

(You may want to come back tomorrow.)

I think I can do it…

Happy New Year(‘s Eve)!

*A fine faux word if ever there was one.

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