I Find Tinsel Distracting

Today is Festivus, the anti-holiday. I’m a fan, among many. I’d like to take this post to highlight one aspect of Festivus…the airing of grievances.

Things that annoyed me this year:

*Justin Bieber: It’s a winning formula for record companies. Prepubescent boy singing love songs to girls in training bras. Justin, you are annoying. The only fever I get is from the migraine listening to you.

*Customers with expired coupons: At least play it off like you weren’t aware it expired. This whole “I know it’s old, but can I use it?” biz is annoying.

*Far East Movement: I’m annoyed that I liked “Like a G6” so much.

*Snuggie commercials: I have a Snuggie. These ads make me ashamed to admit that.

*Nancy Pelosi: Mostly for her Jack Skellington likeness when she smiles. That’s just creepy.

*The creepy guy at Wild Wing: Dude, you need to lay off the pitcher.

*Research in Motion: Blackberry is nice and all…when it works. Your slow processing speed causes me undue stress at least thrice daily.

*Grocery store sightseers: I’m all about business in the grocery store. I have a list. I want to be in and out. The fact you are in the middle of the aisle debating over different brands of sugar annoys me. And your socializing with so-and-so…take it outside, please.

And now for a feat of strength…who wants to wrestle?

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