A Conversation

I always find it interesting (in a good or bad way, I am still not sure) when people ask if I am Hispanic. I guess I give off that vibe. Or people are weird.

Anyway, here’s a conversation I had in Target today.

Man: “Como esta?”
Me: “No.”
“You don’t speak Spanish?”
“Yeah.” (Seriously? I could have more intellectual stimulation at this point talking to a slice of bread. Which I was about to do.)
“Okay. I thought I saw you before. You don’t work at the Greenville Car Wash?”
“Oh. There’s a lady there who looks exactly like you.”
“Ah.” (that awkward kind of “ah”)
“She does. She looks just like you. Next time you’re around there you should see.”
“Okay.” (that awkward kind of “okay”)
“Well, sorry about that.”
[awkward small laughter from me]

I’m still not quite sure what my final comment on this will be. I do get asked a lot if I either speak Spanish or if I am Hispanic. I’m thinking about responding, “No; I’m Swedish.”

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