Things Facebook Forgot

Today Facebook announced a few changes to its site. That’s all well and…well…but I think Facebook still has other things it should address. I’m sure a few people out there would agree with me on some of these things:

1. Meme Filtering: I want to be able to filter out annoying “Look! I did it, too!” posts on Facebook. The technology to do this seems like it might be a little complicated, but I’m sure someone can figure it out.

2. Pre-Tag Notification: The simple solution would be to avoid being in situation where unflattering photos might be taken. But sometimes a photo isn’t scandalous…it’s just not very good. I want to know that someone wants to tag me before I’m tagged and all of my friends see it.

3. Facebook Probation: Perhaps we as a Facebook community could decide on a list of things that constitute Facebook decorum violations. Things like posting “my life sucks” statuses, taking too many pics of yourself in that awkward camera-holding pose, referring indirectly to another Facebook user (“Some people need to stop being stupid…”), and so forth. I should be able to submit a name and the link to the violation. After a certain number of complaints, Facebook should put the offender on probation.

4. Group Integrations Into Chat: As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to make your online status visible to certain groups you create on Facebook. I rarely use Chat because, when I did, I always got stuck in long and awkward pause-y chats with people. If I could choose who could see I was online, I’d probably use it more.

5. Ability to Turn Off Notifications: I’ve looked in the Notifications settings and I can’t seem to turn off the notifications you get when you “like” something or comment on someone’s post. I think my Facebook experience would be much better if I could “like” something and walk away, never to hear the 20 comments about it later.

Just my .02.

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