The 20-Something Survey

This year Elle magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it released the results of a survey of 24-26-year-old women. Basically, a portrait of the modern mid-20-something. My demo. Here is some of what they found (along with a few stats on men in the same age range)…

*87% believe people judge us by our looks.
*On a scale of 1 (not attractive) to 10 (very attractive), the median rank these women gave themselves was a 7.
*88% of single women & 76% of single men think it’s hard to find someone they’d like to date.
*For both sexes, 15% are casually dating one or more people and 25% aren’t dating at all. The rest are in relationships.
*54% of women have engaged in casual sex (1/2 of them regretted the last hookup & less than 1/3 were happy about it)
*42% of women say they split house chores 50/50.
*1 out of 8 women would think less of a woman who puts her children in day care so she can work.
*Only 16% of women have ever spent more than $400 on one fashion item.
*Fewer than 1 in 5 men & women have pretended to be less intelligent in order to attract someone.

Perhaps the most interesting is the list of desirable traits according to young men & women (percentage who find it desirable in parentheses):
*good-looking (97%)
*sexually enticing (95%)
*slender body (82%)
*has steady income (81%)
*has a college degree (78%)
*wants kids (76%)
*will make a lot of money (51%)

*has steady income (97%)
*sexually enticing (94%)
*good-looking (92%)
*has a college degree (84%)
*wants kids (82%)
*will make a lot of money (70%)
*slender body (59%)

I kind of wonder if those numbers ease some of the pressure for people dating or if it makes it worse…

Source: Elle magazine, October 2010, pgs. 408-412

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