Men Don’t Like My Shoes

Some science dudes decided men don’t notice girls in heels.


Maybe there’s some truth to it. Maybe it’s that the heels themselves don’t matter so much as the way the wearer wears them.

I can’t speak for all womanity, but I feel differently when I wear heels. I feel a special sort of power & confidence. And I don’t try too hard when it comes to heels. I’m not going to sport 6-inchers for a lunch date. Or a dinner date, really. Confidence kind of diminishes when you look uncomfortable.

This brings me to my point: Why do some girls feel the need to dress to impress in situations that, in my opinion, do not warrant it? Sure, dress well for job interviews and important functions. But don’t wear something in which you do not feel comfortable.

If you hate wearing heels, why wear them? If you hate wearing mini skirts, don’t wear them. Certainly don’t wear them just to outshine the girls or impress the boys. Wear something because you love it. No matter what you wear, your personality should shine brighter than what you’re wearing.

Besides, I’ve always believed you shouldn’t exaggerate or flat out misrepresent your style when it comes to impressing the opposite sex. Sure, I probably wear skirts more throughout the week than I do jeans, but that’s because I like skirts. It’s part of my style. But I wear little to no makeup & I wouldn’t think of going full-on coloring book for a guy. You’re going to have to look elsewhere for crimson lips. Sorry.

So back to the attractiveness of heels…to me, it’s more about the wearer than the shoes. If you love them, wear them! As you can see from the picture, I have a modest collection of them. Kind of thinking about busting out those bright red ones. Why? Just because I want to do so.

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