The Dating Flowchart

It’s been found (like the science was necessary) that men decide quickly if a woman is attractive or not. I believe women do the exact same thing, but sometimes it takes us a little longer to arrive at this conclusion.

One boring day at work, I decided to kind of draw out my mental process on this issue. After various conversations with friends, it seemed like the logical thing to do (if you question my logic, you obviously don’t know me well…). Whereas men might decide in seconds if a woman is dateable, I decide in seconds if a man is going to be a friend or a friend-with-potential. That’s “potential” in the traditional sense, not “potential-ly in bed”.

To me, the dateable decision is a progression. Along the way, there are dead ends. The “friend zone”. And I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting my time, so I don’t make a point to date for the sake of dating.

So anyway, here’s what’s going through my head. Maybe other girls’ heads, too:

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