Clearing One Thing Up

I suppose I understand why so many people think gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley wants to kill unborn babies. Opponent Gresham Barrett said so. From his Honest Differences series:

Haley voted for an amendment to the 24-hour abortion waiting period legislation that would prevent employers from terminating women for missing work to receive an abortion.

The campaign cited Rutherford Amendment No. 5. Here’s what the amendment says, from the February 24, 2009 House Journal:

An employer may not terminate the employment of a woman who is absent from her place of employment due to the requirements of the twenty-four hour waiting periods as provided in this section.

The “requirements” being reading materials, consultations…something like that.

I had to read the amendment a few times to look for the “Nikki wants women to have abortions” clause. I couldn’t find it, but maybe I’m overlooking it.

Hence, her two votes (out of 8 possible pro-life votes this session) in support of this amendment led to the 75% vote rating cited by Barrett’s campaign. I think it’s unfair to characterize her vote on this amendment as “she hates unborn babies”. We’re talking about the waiting period here. I suspect if the amendment explicitly said employers could not terminate employment if a woman misses work to have an abortion, you’d have seen a much different vote breakdown.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to take issue with it, at least represent it accurately.

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