Leighton Lord and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Endorsement

Leighton Lord seems like a nice enough fellow. I’ve seen him speak a couple of times. I intend to vote for Alan Wilson in the runoff for attorney general on June 22, but I have no ill words for Lord.

Yesterday Wilson announced the endorsement of Robert Bolchoz, the third-place finisher in the AG race on June 8. They both issued statements. Ya know. The usual.

Lord also released a statement. The usual. Except his statement came off as really…I don’t know…bitter, negative, something:

June 14, 2010

Statement by Leighton Lord; Bolchoz Wilson Endorsement

“Surrounded by people who’s only significant career experience is in government or politics, Alan Wilson has rolled out yet another person supporting him who’s career has been in predominantly in government.

Mr. Bolchoz joined the list of various government officials, State and Federal politicians, and other special interests who have come together to support Alan’s ‘status quo’ candidacy.

Alan has no separation from ‘politics as usual’; no significant legal experience, no understanding whatsoever of how to manage a large team of lawyers and no private sector record of delivering great service at low cost.

Most importantly, Wilson lacks the independence to go in a reform oriented direction. It is no surprise that Wilson is the choice of government officials and politicians, who are perfectly satisfied with the ‘system’ “.

The whole statement comes off as being hastily written. And, apparently, hastily edited. Should be “whose”, not “who’s”. It’s kind of en vogue these days to put yourself on the side of “us” instead of “establishment”, so kudos for going in that direction. However, there has to have been a better way of drafting this response statement. I mean, if you’re going the “outsider” route, there has to be a better way. Something like…The Bolchoz endorsement shows Wilson is just further entrenched in the establishment. We will continue to run our outsider campaign…

Ya know, bring it back around to something positive about yourself. The original statement sounds like it was written by a kid who was just told he smells badly…and then he goes on hard defense about how you smell badly and your clothes are ugly and your mama’s so stupid it took her 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes.

Take a swipe at your opponent so people know you’re listening, but move on.

On a side note, I actually received Lord’s response to the endorsement before I received Wilson’s acknowledgement of the endorsement. Kind of thought that was fun.

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