Nikki Haley Money Bomb 6/14

Nikki Haley, my gubernatorial preference, finished first in the primary on June 8, and by a nice margin, too.

It’s indeed been a long road. I’ve supported her campaign since the beginning. That’s right, people. There were supporters pre-Palin endorsement.

Imagine my interest to see this story posted on Twitter. It’s from a Time magazine article:

She drilled deep into voter rage about the way politics is practiced, a strategy her rivals now seek to emulate.

“People are angry, and they are irrational,” explains Warren Tompkins, a consultant for Representative J. Gresham Barrett, who finished a distant second in the primary and will face Haley in the June 22 runoff. “They are voting on emotion and not anything else.”

Angry and irrational? If he had qualified the statement a bit to indicate some people might be emotional voters, it might have been a little different. But to suggest that people who support Nikki are only doing so for emotional anti-government reasons is excessive. I wouldn’t characterize any of the fellow supporters I’ve met as “angry”. Disappointed? Sure. Longing for a new direction? Absolutely. But not threatening

To borrow from Nikki, we shouldn’t complain. We should do something about it. Let’s engage in an “angry” and “irrational” money bomb on Monday, June 14. I know this is short notice, but hey, I’m supposed to be irrational, right?

Pass this along to your friends and acquaintances, and let’s make it happen!

Check out her stances on the big issues in SC, and don’t forget to donate on Monday!

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