Women Were Annoying This Week

Before I proceed I’m sure at least half the people reading this saw the title and said, “Only this week?”.

I sympathize with you on that point. More often than not women annoy me. This week just seemed to highlight that. Let’s start with “Runaway Mom”.

Runaway Mom
In case you missed it, Tiffany Tehan, mother to a tiny tot, ran away from her family in Ohio to be with a random fellow she met at a gas station.

Romantic, huh?

She did an interview with Inside Edition; it still has me scratching my head:

Tehan said she couldn’t be who she wanted to in her “normal” life and “a divorce wasn’t as simple for me as it sounds … wasn’t even an option” due to her spiritual beliefs.

Gotta hate that normal life, right? I’m mainly curious about her spiritual beliefs. I wish the reporter asked her what belief, exactly, allows for adultery but not for divorce. And why oh why did she runaway with Grizzly Adams? If I ran away with anyone, it would be a Don Draper doppelganger.

Rielle Hunter
As if that wasn’t enough of an eyeroll, Oprah’s interview with Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’s mistress, aired.

I can follow her up to 5% in, I think. With infidelity people like to place all the blame on the person who “stole” the man or woman. The blame should reside with the person who cheated.

That said, what woman finds it okay to hit on a married man? I don’t care if his marriage isn’t perfect…you don’t do it. You just don’t. And Hunter makes it sound like some saucy charming love affair. There is nothing cute about sleeping with a married man.

There is something cute, though, about her logic in allowing [insert adjective of choice] Andrew Young take the credit/blame for the kid she had. Hunter said she did it so her daughter wouldn’t feel badly about derailing her real father’s presidential campaign. As if the poll numbers weren’t doing that well enough for Edwards.

And I don’t know why she’s still trying to fool America with her woe-is-me GQ article complaint. If I got a call from GQ to pose for a story, I’d assume they’d want me to shed at least one piece of clothing. And it wouldn’t be my shoes, I’m sure.

A Muslim cleric (not a scientist) said immodest women were causing earthquakes. Some woman (also not a scientist) set out to prove this hypothesis wrong by creating “Boobquake”, a day for women around the world to let the sisters out.

I mean, it has a certain “ha ha” factor, but ultimately it was annoying. It invited something I’m calling “false perception of originality”. Like when a person presents a $100 bill to a cashier and says, as the cashier marks the bill, “I just made that today”. Then the person laughs as though he/she is the only person who’s ever said that. In Boobquake’s case, it invited men to get in touch with that annoying high school voice inside their heads. The voice that said, “I’ll support it in the name of science!”. Like we didn’t hear that hundreds of times before the current guy said it.

I figured everyone knew there are about 50 detected quakes a day. So an earthquake happening on Boobquake day was pretty inevitable. And the odds that the cleric would change his mind after seeing a double-D epiphany were pretty slim. So why, again, did women do this?

C’est la vie, I guess.

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