Inglis vs. Gowdy, Round 3

Long ago, candidate Barack Obama said upset people tend to cling to their guns and religion as a way to express frustration. We’ll return to this in a second.

This latest tiff between Fourth District incumbent Bob Inglis and one of his challengers, Trey Gowdy, involves a perceived endorsement competition.

If you recall, the bad blood began over what I’m sure was an awkward lunch:

The two men dined together in February at a lunch initiated by Inglis.The congressman thought they were meeting to strategize on Gowdy seeking to replace S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, who’s running for governor.

Gowdy had other ideas.

His announcement in early June that he would seek Inglis’ seat shocked the congressman.

“I guess you find out in politics that ambition trumps loyalty,” Inglis said.

Fast forward through the ethics hoopla to today.

Gowdy’s camp announced the endorsement of Robert Taylor, a Bob Jones University administrator. Kind of a big deal for social conservatives around here.

The same day, Inglis announced the endorsement of the NRA. Kind of a big deal for gun lovers.

So…guns or religion?

As if the regular back-and-forth between these two wasn’t tiring enough, here’s one more jab:

Inglis said he was happy to have support in the Bob Jones community and was certain Gowdy is pleased to have the support of “one of the members of the Bob Jones community.”

I’m sure they’re thrilled to be mere tally marks.

I don’t know about you, but I find this annoying. Here are the other people running in SC-04:
Christina Jeffrey
Jim Lee
David Thomas

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2 Responses to Inglis vs. Gowdy, Round 3

  1. Michael says:

    Good synopsis of the current happening in SC-4.

    It looks like this is emerging as a Inglis vs. Gowdy race. From what I can tell, Gowdy has strong support in Spartanburg among both Republican activists and just your run-of-the-mill Republican primary voters who aren’t involved in politics. The conservative grassroots/tea party folks in Spartanburg are divided between Jeffrey and Lee. Gowdy is really talking their language, but I’m sure the tea party folks would say he has the “establishment air” about him.

    I think that the Bob Taylor endorsement will have particular sway among the Republican voters in the precincts surrounding Bob Jones since a lot of people associated with that university tend to live in those areas. They are voters who may not hve had strong objections to Inglis since he is pretty strong on the social conservative front (despite his many other Republican failings). But this endorsement at least helps the Spartanburg Gowdy cut into the Greenville vote which usually doesn’t want to “go Spartanburg”.

    All in all, I think the Taylor endorsement of Gowdy is more significant than the NRA endorsement of Inglis. I’m willing to bet a lot of the guys I saw at the Bi-Lo Center tea party have the NRA stickers on their car and all that, and they ain’t voting for Bobby.

  2. Erica says:

    annoying, yes. And silly. Go Jim!

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