Quarter-Life Crisis

The mid-20s are crazy. If this was in terms of temperature, it would be nuts cold outside.

Short of getting married, divorced, or baby-fied, I think the biggest life change in people my age is hitting the quarter-life point.

As I defined it for someone today, “the time when you realize you’re not the youngest person in the bar.”

It’s the time when your lifestyle shifts. And sure, it isn’t the same time for every person. It’s when you know your life has changed but you think you’re too young to change. Or, if you prefer, when society thinks you’re too young to act old.

You know. You want to stay in on a Saturday night but you think you’re maybe still too young to be such a “loser”.

I believe I’m on the other side of that hill. It doesn’t bother me so much now when I decide to be “old”. It’s just the kind of person I’m choosing to be now. And that person doesn’t want to be out until 4 in the morning anymore. Ya know, sometimes I just want to be in bed by 10 and call it a night.

And sometimes I just want a pitcher of water in a bar.

I don’t feel like my purpose for going out is the same at this point. I used to go out to socialize & have a few drinks. Now I just go out to socialize.

I would hesitate to say this is strictly “growing up”, as that isn’t exactly my point. Just seems, demographically, that there is a point in your 20s when you start to think about why you’re going out so much. And why you’re spending so much money doing it. At least, that’s my life story.

Of late, I’ve found local theater to be a more useful expenditure. Fun and no negative effects on the hippocampus.

(Maybe that was always my problem growing up. Nerdily overthinking things.)

I feel like I’m past the point of “youthful indiscretion”. Definition: That lame excuse people use when they don’t want to cop to making a poor decision.

I’m about 4 months from hitting 25 and a small part of me wondered if I missed something. But then I think of all the great changes in my life and I don’t sweat it. So I’m 24, a political junkie, and kind of a homebody. Your point is?…

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