The Extra-Specialness of SC

Whenever you see a bizarre or otherwise tangled story in the news, there’s a good chance it happened in South Carolina. The most recent: A woman in Chesterfield County was, *ahem*, busted for stripping in her mobile home.

“But what’s illegal about having a stripper pole in your house?”, you say. Nothing really…unless you’re entertaining underage customers. Like, the-customer-might-have-been-watching-Spongebob-before-seeing-you-strip underage.

As strange as this lady’s “only in SC” venture was, I still don’t think she quite tops the man who stole a bear from an Upstate zoo. He would have stolen a monkey, but the monkey attacked. Naturally, your next choice would be a bear cub (?). He then opened a petting zoo at a truck stop.

And then there’s the lady from Six Mile who stole a horse. An allegedly drunk horse, mind you. I think charges against the horse were dropped.

Only in SC..

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