SC Wants to Be in Pictures

Elections would really be boring affairs if not for the one candidate in each race who adds the spice. Enter Robert Ford, a Democrat running for SC governor.

Last night three Republican candidates and three Democratic candidates debated higher education in Rock Hill, SC. From the Myrtle Beach Sun-Times

Ford has persistently said he’s unlikely to win the nomination, but told the crowd he was the strongest candidate on the stage.

Obviously, most elections with multiple candidates have at least one underdog. But who goes around and touts the fact he or she will not win? If you feel that way, why are you wasting our time? Why should I believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself?

Anyway, the next part was really my favorite:

He said the state’s revenue problems can be handled with more gambling revenue and an expansion of the movie industry.

We’ve heard ad nauseum of Jim Rex’s plan to raise the cigarette tax. So here’s a new idea or two.

How do we “expand the movie industry”? It sounds like it’s going to cost money. I guess we’d either have to create films/paper materials to promote the state ($$) or pay a lobbyist to hit up the studios ($$$$). But, you know, that’s what the video poker revenue is for.

Eh, who knows? Maybe the next “Twilight” film will be in Charleston. Or maybe we can see a bad Transformer guy destroy the Liberty Bridge in Greenville.

(I’m not familiar with Transformer characters)

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2 Responses to SC Wants to Be in Pictures

  1. bnettie says:

    I liked how he thinks he’s done more for SC than anyone else in 100 years.

  2. sshelato says:

    I think the Transformers villain you’re looking for is Michael Bay.

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