Can We Call a Mulligan?

South Carolina. Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places.

The Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament might be in a beautiful place, but there are not many smiling faces over a $10 million “just-in-case” loan extended to the tournament by the SC State House.

Supporters of the loan say the economic benefits make the loan worthwhile and the money will be repaid in time. In a tough economy, it seems a company might want to hold off sponsoring the tournament next year if it knows the state can (?) pick up the tab for a year.

Opponents see this as a neverending cycle.

“It’s just like the federal stimulus in Washington. There’s always going to be another one. What if they don’t find a sponsor the year after that? They’re gonna come back and say ‘hey, I need ya’ll to help me again’,” said [Lexington-Richland Representative Nathan] Ballentine. 

“We’ve seen government bail out the bank industry, we’ve seen government bail out the auto industry, and now today we saw them bail out golf tournaments. When is it gonna stop? Enough is enough,” said Lexington County Representative Nikki Haley.

I wish I could reproduce the tweets from across the state on this issue, but frankly I don’t want the hassle of having to get each person’s permission to reproduce his or her tweet. A simple Twitter search involving the terms “$10 million golf tournament” or “heritage golf” will give you a good idea of the bipartisan citizen outrage.

So if the state wants to blow $10 million dollars, here’s how else they could have done it:

*Salaries for 232-350 teachers
*Salaries for 217 police officers
*They could have given each South Carolinian a little over $2.
*They could have bought 714,285 brains. I’m sure they could use those.

When the roll call posts, we’ll know to whom to send the brains.

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