Late-Night Love for Language

I’m a fan of words. Or perhaps, the meanings of words.

Okay, let’s just say I’m a fan of language.

So much so that I’d probably remember a guy more for his fancy-pantsy language than for his looks. Anyone, really. My ears perk up when I hear a cool polysyllabic word.

(Yes, I was one of those kids in high school who paid close attention when the teacher said “You might want to use this word on the AP exam” or “This is an SAT word”)

“Lackadaisical”. “Loquacious”. Hey, throw in a good Latin phrase too. “Et al.” is one of my favorites. It means “and others”, a mental remnant of my psychology research methods class.

Use big words judiciously, though. I’ll bet a lot of Roget’s friends thought he was pretentious. Maybe when Doc Brown gets the time machine thing up and running, I’ll go back and ask.

I guess the point I’m making (or should be making, in the midst of this rambling) is that there are a lot of cool words in the English language. Grab a thesaurus and start studying.

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