Voting is Unpatriotic

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has a problem with the freewill to vote. That is, if you’re voting against anything he champions. Naturally, he’d champion himself in the 2010 elections. Hence, this little gem from his website:

“I think it’s un-Nevadan, unpatriotic, to go against Senator Reid and I will call out those who try,” the MGM Mirage chairman and CEO [Jim Murren] told Vegas Confidential”

from Reid’s campaign website

Okay, okay. Maybe if I was running for office I would be cool with people joking “Hey, vote for her because she’s the coolest person in this race”. But “unpatriotic”? “Un-Nevadan”? Since when did it become unpatriotic to vote for whom you believe would best serve you? Isn’t that part of the essence of patriotism…that you have the freedom to do so?

And why does Murren feel the need to call anyone out? I don’t think I’ve called anyone out since middle school. That’s just how I roll.

Besides, if recent polls are any indication, there must be many “unpatriotic” people in Nevada…

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