The Kool-Aid is Bipartisan

I like Kool-Aid. I really do. The fruit punch flavor, not the “my candidate is the spawn of God” kind.

Enter U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).

See, it wasn’t so long ago Republicans were eating up the liberal anger over broken Obama promises. Now they are up in arms about Sen. Brown’s vote on the jobs bill. The main sentiment is “Like, OMG! We sent him to be a conservative and look how he just spit on us!”

Now, if I recall, Sen. Brown said during the campaign that he would vote in whatever way he felt was best for his constituents. In fact, as recently as January 28, 2010, he reiterated this to the Boston Globe: “…I’m going to vote how I want to vote.”

Now everyone’s upset. The jobs bill isn’t perfect, but you can’t fault a man for being honest. I never got the impression from him that he would toe the GOP line. Thus, I didn’t drink up that Kool-Aid. I was happy for the GOP win, sure. But I didn’t make the Senator into something he didn’t own.

There are many Representatives and Senators who go to Washington and campaign on high and holy conservatism, only to disappoint. I just don’t think Sen. Brown was one of those people.

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