The Ant and the Grasshopper…and Michael Steele

Long, long ago animals could talk. They even had complex human abilities, like the ability to plan. Aesop was around one day when an ant and grasshopper confronted this planning issue. As he told it, the ant worked diligently to save supplies for winter. The grasshopper instead chose to sing and, in one illustration, play a violin. Crafty, but not helpful.

As you might suspect, the grasshopper ended up going hungry while the ant enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

Today Politico featured an interesting story on the spending habits of our RNC Chair Michael Steele. Donations are down. In fact, according to Politico:

In 2005, the RNC raised $46 million from donors who gave more than $250 and $55 million from small donors. In 2009, Steele’s RNC brought in just $24 million — nearly half as much — from big donors and $58 million from small donors. Politico, February 23, 2010

Now, when your money is tight you don’t decide it’s the perfect time to splurge, right? This is an election year. We should be saving for the election, not singing in the field (or in Hawaii, in the RNC’s case). I hope the RNC gets its financial house in order, and soon.

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